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Published Work

I retrained and started working as a journalist in 1994 after visiting Tibet and being horrified that so little was known of their plight in the West. As well as writing about Tibetan issues I wrote for a range of health and well being publications as well as launching and publishing two magazines myself.

Head Massage


Here's Health

I was a regular contributor to Emap’s alternative health magazine, Here’s Health, writing about natural medicine, organic food, self development and ethical issues.


Kindred Spirit

I wrote on a range of personal growth issues for Kindred Spirit which was for many years the countries leading Mind Body Spirit publication. 



Wave Magazine

In 1998 I founded Wave, a Holistic Living Magazine and was editor-in-chief until 2006. During that time I interviewed the leading lights of the time such as Erkhart Tolle, Marshall Roseberg and Susan Jeffers and sought out the best new therapeutic techniques - publishing the first articles in the UK press about The Hoffman Process and Systemic Family Constellations work amongst others. .

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