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How to work with me

Systemic Coaching on Zoom or face-to-face in Winchester

Based on the Systemic Theories of Bert Hellinger and Family Constellations this session will look at your issue in the context of your wider family system, and will explore the hidden dynamics at play. We do this by creating a living map of your issue and finding what would help you live our own life fully and let others live theirs fully too. Read more about constellations here.

£60 per hour. Book here

model family

Shamanic Healing with Emma on Zoom

or face-to-face in Winchester

A shamanic healing session takes many forms but if can involve healing using guides and power animals; soul retrieval, to restore lost parts of yourself and restore you to wholeness; asking for support or requesting information from the spirit world. After an initial conversation I will usually ask you to simply lie back and relax whilst I drum and move into an altered state to support you. 

£60 per hour. Book here


I charge £60 for a one hour session of either systemic coaching, shamanic healing, or to join a workshop as an issue holder (which means you bring an issue to a Constellations workshop and have the other members of the group available to represent the members of your system - be that family or professional) . You can book one off sessions here or I offer the following packages:

Constellations Package £150 (worth over £300 if booked individually)

• 1 One to One  Constellation

• 1 'Issue holder' place in a Constellation workshop.

• Unlimited evening or full day workshop places as a representative over a 12 month period.

Coaching package £275 (worth £360 if booked individually)

6 sessions of coaching, healing or issue holder places on constellation workshops

Shamanic Practitioner

If I'm not what you are looking for you can find another practitioner here

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