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Feedback from retreats, courses and workshops I have run

Constellations Work

October 2023

Emma is an incredibly gentle yet highly effective energy healer and therapist, creating and holding space for her clients in family constellation sessions. She supports everyone to play their part and somehow manages to get it spot on so that even though what you’re experiencing is new, it feels completely natural. Highly recommend having a go if you’re carrying stuff that doesn’t serve. Bring tissues and clear your diary afterwards as you’ll be tired. Sonia Dibbin

September 2023

Emma is really great to work with. She is warm, fun and intelligent and really easy to communicate with. I've done her relationship workshop and been to her french retreat (which is gorgeous) and most recently have been to two of her constellations workshops. These are fascinating and (quite unexpectedly) I came away with great insight into long standing personal and family issues and was then in a position to see things from a totally different perspective and to let go of certain unhelpful beliefs. Have a chat with her, she's great.  Jessica

May 2023

Emma is a true professional, I would trust her with the most challenging and complex of situations, she is a wonderful teacher who gives her whole heart to any programme - being coached by her is a pretty life changing experience. If you get the chance to work with her - take it!   Meg Carter

Heart Of Relationships at The French Retreat

August 2022

"Matthew and Emma are experienced and compassionate facilitators and thoughtful hosts - I felt safe enough to explore my feelings and to learn about my relationship , a magical few days."

August 2022

What wonderful people to grow with and what a special place to relax in! A great combo and recipe for a transformational weekend. Thank you.

August 2022

"Absolutely loved the weekend, we really needed it. Our relationship felt rejuvenated and energised and remains so."  Mark Potter

Finding Love Weekend Winchester 

Nov 2022

I would love to see this work shared everywhere, knowledge of relationships - platonic as well as romantic or familial are all about our relationship with ourselves so I would just love to see more more more and I would be interested in attending more. I love the way Emma and Matthew work together and hold the space, there is time for some process without therapy. It’s beautifully held - more, more more!

Nov 2022

"The Finding Love workshop was amazing. I booked last minute and went in not really knowing what to expect and came away with so much more clarity on the things that are holding me back in relationships (romantic and otherwise). The facilitation by Emma and Matthew was beautiful and tender and playful. The tools and life experiences they shared sent me away feeling empowered to make a change and excited about the level of agency we have to change ourselves. Already I'm feeling the knock on effects and shifts in my life that come from looking within rather than pointing the finger at others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nov 2022

"It was an amazing experience and I now know why so many of my relationships haven’t worked out. If only I had done it sooner!"

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