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Emma Pruen


I'm Emma, currently on surname number three, (Emma Macpherson, Emma Amyatt-Leir and Emma Pruen are just three versions of me in the multiverse). I'm an enneagram 2 with a 1 wing, an ENFP, a Dramatic Winter,  an Aquarian with Moon in Cancer - according to the astrologers: 'a kind-hearted rebel', 'a paradox' and 'eccentric ideas blessed with the common touch', all true as you'll see from my career trajectory. 

I live between Winchester and France, have Scottish DNA, an English accent, was brought up all over the place, including Egypt in my teens. 

Careers to date...

My first job, in the late 80s, working as Buyer at M&S paid well but left me feeling empty. I realised pretty soon that I needed a career that made a difference. I was given a colour analysis class for a Christmas present and was actually quite offended - I knew about fashion, didn't I? - it was my job. But that day changed my life. It felt as if the consultant - the legendary Carolyn Miller - was the first person to ever really see me. I was hooked.

The following year I left M&S and trained to be one of Carolyn Miller's consultants. By then she'd bought the Image Consultancy House of Colour and I ran a busy franchise in West London.


I started doing talks at the local Women's Institutes and hit up M&S for some corporate gigs. I got some fantastic experience with clients such as British Airways, Next and PricewaterhouseCoopers but my absolute favourite was the middle aged woman who was brought to tears by realising she'd spent her whole life invisible, believing she was ugly and now thinking her life was pretty much over, only to discover she was absolutely lovely, had loads of life left in her and lots to give.

In my early 30s I married, went round the world, went to Tibet and India where I met the Dalai Lama. I felt a need to train as a journalist to tell the world about the situation in Tibet. I returned and did just that, while having a baby and relocating to Brighton.

I continued my exploration into what makes us tick with numerous courses and workshops. In fact I was so struck by how alive I felt, I wanted to share what I was learning with other people. I set up Wave Magazine with my twin sister (the photographer Charlotte Macpherson ) and spent a decade sorting the wild from the weird in the human potential /personal development movement.

In my early 40s I took a Communications job with the Green Party to help elect the first Green M.P. to Westminster. I came into contact with many wonderful activists who instead of gazing inwards were focussing outwards in their desire to make the world a better place. After our election win, I continued with the Greens, being elected myself to their National Executive as Head of Internal Communications and being on the 'front bench' as Families and Children's Spokesperson. Through this I was able to campaign on issues that were important to me, such as the marginalisation of women, especially those past 50; the impact of advertising, the media & internet on the wellbeing of young people; inequality and everyday sexism.

After a thwarted campaign to become a Green M.E.P., my partner Matthew I bought a house in South West France to turn into a retreat centre. That is now up and running and it is where we run many of our courses.

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