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Family & Systemic Constellations Retreat

6-8 September 2024

Whether artists or English sun-seekers, we have always flocked to the south of France. Maybe it's the changing light, the fields of sunflowers and lavender, or that gentle, time-out-of-time feeling when everything slows down. You'll feel like family at the French Retreat, like visiting your relations at their farmhouse in the countryside. Whether we choose to work in the vast converted barn, under the lime tree or by the pool in the delicious summer afternoons, you will feel the hurry melt away. 


Travel to the land of light, to the farmlands, vineyards, and sunflower fields of Yviers, France, and join Emma and Matthew Pruen for a breakthrough gathering of inspiration, creation, and transformation. We offer you, struggling to heal amidst the everyday demands of life, the gift of time, community, instruction, adventure, and the opportunity to sink deeply into the knowing-field of Family and Systemic Constellations in order to bring your longed for change to fruition. 

We'll stay at the French Retreat, in a lovingly converted stone barn and renovated farmhouse on what used to be a cognac-making estate. “The French Retreat is both our home and a retreat centre for anyone looking to find stillness, reconnect with themselves or learn something new. We welcome you as we would a guest in our home, rather than a visitor to a hotel.”

We'll be well fed.  “We love our food at The French Retreat and aim to provide you with memorable meals. As award-winning restaurateurs our standards are high and we take pleasure in creating original menus using the most delicious local ingredients available. We can cater to all dietary requirements - and it's still delicious and homemade."

The course runs for three days starting after supper on 13th September and departing after lunch on 15th September.

Greeting the day, stretching, turning our face to the sun. Such simple things can make all

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